A humungous hello and welcome to whomever has stumbled across this page of my mental, mushy and at times rather morbid musings! I go under the pen name Edna Mop. It’s a name I stole from my mum, the boyfriend she had as a teenager used to call her by this name, don’t ask me the reason why but it has a certain charm to it, a certain mystery. I feel as though it could be the name of the protagonist in a book like The Diary Of Adrian Mole or Ziggy Stardust’s nan – which tickles me somewhat.

Starting this blog has been quite a slow process for me as my interest in writing grows and develops.  I’ve always been a writer of sorts since I can remember. Jotting down lyrics, writing stories and keeping diaries – disappearing into poetry like an lonely, little, romantic narcisist greedy for the verse, gobbling down tasty words all for my own lavish exercise!

So, erm, yeah…now a little more mature (knackered), wise (bitter) I thought I would share my writing with the world and who knows maybe even make a bob or two (Hey potential employers – please don’t be put off by my relentless pessimism and bizarre sense of humour – I’m a functioning adult really! I pay taxes, have my own flat and have pubic hair and everything… #OVERSHARE)

ANYWAY, this blog is to be used as a sort of repetoire and online place to basically store all of my shit incase I my laptop gets water damaged and I never actually go to get it fixed. But it’s also for myself – a public outlet for my many, many opinions and thoughts and ideas that explode in my brain sporadically and impulsively on a day-to-day basis. Hopefully, people will read/comment/discuss/break me down emotionally so we can all grow and learn from each others unique perspectives!

So what the bloody hell is your perspective I hear you sniff well firstly let me start off by telling you that I am both an extreme introvert as well as an extreme extrovert so I like to write from those difference perspectives from time to time and also about how I overcome this strange and involuntary imbalance on a daily basis but also how I wish to harness the two into one might superpower! Other than that I am a singer/songwriter of about 9 years. My band is called FLY SONATA and we are currently recording our debut album ‘For All That’s Good’. It’s my sanctuary, my baby. I’m very proud of our sound which took a while to hone and craft.

All the band members come from varying musical backgrounds and tastes. Matt on keys for instance has been classically trained since he was four years old, the guitarist can play every Hendrix song you know all the words to and I am a massive hip-hop and jazz head. It bleeeeennnnds, baby! I will most certainly update this blog as to our progress on all of that.

As well as music and other aspects of art culture, I will cover a range of different subjects – including political, social and emotional issues that I am passionate about. So, apologies… this isn’t going to be a particularly niche blog about a specific thing, in fact I’m sure it will get rather bloody random in places but so am I and it’s for me so there…

However, if you want to pop in every now and then for a cyber cuppa and a chin-wag then please feel free but be warned this is undiluted me, it may get weird. But hey, there are already far too many blogs about how to contour your face enough to make even quark from Star Trek envious or annoyingly upbeat food bloggers who never shut the hell up about smashed avocado and pronounce quinoa correctly.

So enjoy your visit. I hope you come again. I like to think I’m one of the goodies 🙂 I do put humour before everything but I was raised with the ideology that humour is the best (and the cheapest) medicine.  Dust that with a little sass, heaps of passion,a good heart and the liver of an Irish dockworker and that’s me mostly covered!

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